Jul. 23rd, 2008

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The joys of internet dating
To a kind and lonely heart.

Hey, sexy, you want to ride me?
You are everything I want...maybe.

Quickly, write me, I am begging.
I, however, refuse to return the effort.

The first real life contact
Was a married mafia man.

I happened to fall in love.
How sweet the words he wove.

So many lies...where was fact?
After sex how quickly he ran.

I unconsciously made him pay.
Guilt and care consumed him.

Now he has vanished.
Why is my heart still vanquished?

Then the next guy had a way
Of making me feel like spam.

I was everything he prized.
Right up until he learned my size.

Now I often chat with a broken divorcer
Who expresses concern about my weight.

Will he still be my good friend
After he sees me end to end?

Men have very little luster
For females who do not stimulate.

The second real life encounter
May not amount to much.

In email, I asked him after a date
What his last name was outright.

He ignored my pointer.
He made no mention of such.

Seems to me he will disappear.
At least to me he is not dear.

Now two more men have arrived
To ask me to be open and alive.

I begin to have frustration
Being an open book to blind men.


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