Mar. 9th, 2008

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I went to the hospital yesterday and talked to Karen's doctor in person. I told him calmly that I was upset with him and asked him if he had told Karen she was making up her illness. He stated that he had not told her this and that Karen had been misinforming me. I believed him based on watching Karen's interaction with him. She is twisting his statements out of fear. I realized also that he was merely following legal protocol when he told me that he is having Karen checked out by psych people to make sure she can be safe because Karen had told him herself she had taken her medicine wrong. I wish I had thought of that aspect earlier before getting so angry.

I was there when the neuro-psychiatrist tested her cognitive and memory skills and she did better than I thought she would do. I'm feeling very encouraged by this. Also Dr. Kale and the neuro-psychiatrist said that if I would put in writing that I would become legally responsible for Karen's medicine intake they would allow her to go home and not be sent to an institution. He said he might release her on Monday.

So I still have to stop by every day but at least it looks like I don't have to move in with her and that she won't have to go to one of those horrible homes.

Meditation helps lessen my nausea and dizziness and I'm very glad about that. I've even learned to incorporate some of that mental state while driving. Not completely of course but enough to influence my body. On the whole life seems a little better today.


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