Apr. 28th, 2008

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Cynicism glides into the room
She sits beside my huddled form
And wraps a cold arm about my waist.
She lifts my tear-soaked chin and says:

"Listen, child, this time to my words.
I alone am here to protect you.
You only allowed me to whisper
And let Passion sway your ears.

Look, child, at the dagger
Left in your heart by Passion's hand
If peace you seek, you must leave her
Even if her other hand offers ambrosia.

Love is a fool's game.
Humans are only capable of hurting
Each other and themselves.
Romance is a fairy tale.

Take what you can find
From the hearts around you
But do not trust them for
Soon they will betray you."

As she speaks the room grows cold.
Slowly the color begins to fade.
But the dagger stings a bit less
And I try to pry it out.

Passion twists it to show she is there.
Her hot breathe whispers in my ear.
She brings the cup of ambrosia to my nose
And the sweet scent makes me dizzy as she says:

"Do not listen to that bitch, Cynicism.
She can not know what is is to love and care.
True, I thrust this dagger but better to love and feel
Than be the stone she would have and feel nothing at all.

You have drunk from this cup more than once
And was it not the sweetest drink?
Joy and beauty were your fare but
They are forever linked with the cut of my knife.

True, you have not yet found the love you seek
But why dismiss its existence just yet?
Perhaps it awaits you around the next bend.
Follow my path, my dearest, and joy I'll give again."


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