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So my landlady's sister moved in downstairs last month. She inherited the lower flat from her uncle and my landlady inherited the upper flat which she rents to me. Well I wasn't too pleased about having neighbors again particularly since they were not overly friendly and the 60 something guy, the sister's husband, likes to go around in his boxer shorts. But something even worse started happening...her sister smokes.

I'm allergic to cigarette smoke...very allergic. It's an old house. The smoke has been rising into my flat through the cracks. The smell is strong and even though I can not see the smoke I can taste it. My asthmatic chronic cough is back. It also makes me sneeze and have nasal congestion. I'm so angry that I'm suddenly being slowly poisoned in my own home for which I pay 500 a month....and there isn't a thing I can do. I can't ask the woman to not smoke in her legally owned home. She may feel sorry for me when I tell her she is making me sick...but I bet she isn't going to change her ways.

I plan on telling my landlady when I pay rent, but she can't do anything really. Her sister owns the property. So I need to find an air purifier in hopes it will help. I don't really want to pay for one. Do any of you guys happen to have a spare one lying around? Ultimately though I need to move. Clearly this situation is not good for me.

I need to find a place for which I don't pay more than 500 a month but hopefully less. I can't live with carpet anymore due to my allergies and the fact I let my bird fly free when I'm home and well...poop is really hard to clean out of carpet and a breeze to clean off of wood. Apartments always have carpet so I need to find a flat somewhere or someone who is willing to share a house where I can fit my furniture and they don't mind the bird. Also I want to live in a safe neighborhood so nothing in downtown Detroit or Hamtramk. Oh and I can't live in someone's basement mostly because my birdy needs lots of sunlight to be happy.

It's so specific. I suppose I can make compromises and I guess a lot of situations have to be better than being slowly poisoned. Do any of you know of any flats or house renting shares that would meet my needs?


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